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Mario Teaches Typing 2 Download Full ((TOP))

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Teaching through the game is definitely the best form of teaching, because you learn something and have fun at the same time. Mario Teaches Typing is exactly that form of teaching - a fun way to learn how to type on a keyboard. At the beginning you create a new student and choose a difficulty (from the lightest, which represents Mario, Luigi represented by the middle through to the most difficult level- Princess). At each level there are 4 typing games: Mario's Smash & Dash - press letters labeled on the obstacles and help your character overcome them; Mario's Wet World Challenge - with typing whole words you help your character to swim faster from the hungry sea monster; Mario's Tunnel Of Doom - you have to write the whole sentences to help Mario overcome underground obstacles; Mario's Expert Express - retype full paragraphs under the Mario's supervision. The game is really fun and I highly recommend it for all kids. 1e1e36bf2d


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