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returns a three element array of [source, value, priority] where: source is the name of the account value is the value of the vip / channel attribute priority is the priority of the vip / channel attribute

if an account includes the "vip" (true) or "channel" (true) attribute, then the channel will be the highest priority. otherwise, if it is missing, or if it is set to true or channel, it is assumed to be the highest priority.

$vip = 'vipaccount' $channel = 'common' % if vip and channel % $vip_account = account1 $channel_account = account2 % elseif vip % $vip_account = account1 % elseif channel % $channel_account = account2 % else % $vip_account = account1 $channel_account = account2 % endif % you can use the same trick to access other vip or channel attributes, such as the area, lobby or vip attributes when the main attribute was not set to one of these values.

$vip = 'none' $channel = 'common' % if area % $vip_area = 'default' % elseif lobby % $vip_area = 'lobby' % elseif vip % $vip_area = 'vip' % else % $vip_area = 'none' % endif % in the recovery message, the usual message priority is always present at the end. if there is an attribute named recipient or sender and that attribute does not contain the name of the account in the priority message, its priority value will be the value of the priority attribute of the first account that contains that attribute in the priority message.

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