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Bike Speakers Best Buy

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For each new round of tests, I begin by giving all of the new models a long listen. I connect them via Bluetooth to my Samsung Galaxy S10 phone and play the same four test tracks: two pop/folk, one heavy rock, and one jazz. I compare the speakers not only with each other but also with some of our previous picks.

With the Mega Bass function activated, the SRS-XG300 has a well-balanced sound and an unusually clear midrange, which means voices sound especially natural for a speaker in this price range. (With Mega Bass off, the sound thinned out too much for our taste.) The maximum measured volume was just 90.2 dB, but to our ears it seemed louder; unfortunately, the unpredictable operation of the volume limiters in these speakers makes any volume measurements a mere approximation.

The Hyperboom also offers a few unusual features. First is an optical digital audio input, which makes it easy to connect the speaker to TV sets for louder, fuller sound. (You have to control the volume on the Hyperboom, though.) Next is a top-mounted ring switch that lets you choose between two Bluetooth sources and select the optical and analog inputs. Through the app, you can connect the unit to any number of additional Hyperbooms, as well as any speakers from the Ultimate Ears Boom and Megaboom lines.

At 16.6 pounds and 14.3 inches high, the Hyperboom is much larger than our other picks, but a rear-mounted retractable rubber handle makes it pretty easy to lug around. It has a rated battery life of 24 hours; we got 27.5 hours with it running at 81 dB, or 6 dB louder than the other speakers. In summer 2022, UE released a white model in addition to the original charcoal gray. We measured Bluetooth range at 110 feet, but getting a range at this length sometimes required that we turn the Hyperboom in a particular direction, probably because the sheer size of the unit can interfere with the Bluetooth antenna.

The Victrola Music Edition 2 has a great retro design with a feature we love: a built-in Qi charger. However, its sound is thin, and many competing speakers at its price play a substantial 6-plus decibels louder.

Many portable Bluetooth speakers can be paired for stereo operation, with one speaker playing sound from the left stereo channel and the other playing from the right channel. Some offer the option of mono pairing, which plays the same sound from both speakers; this feature lets you play sound in two different rooms. Note that the two speakers must be within range of a Bluetooth signal, which is typically about 30 feet indoors, but it may be reduced by interference from other Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices or by an object, such as a wall or person, between the speakers. Usually, the process for stereo pairing is simple, but it varies from speaker to speaker; consult the operating manual for instructions.

What we like: Our upgrade pick for best Chromebook. Smaller, lighter, faster, and equipped with a better battery than any other Chromebook we've tested. Able to do nearly anything a regular laptop can do.

Other things to know: Includes codes for Resident Evil 4 and Beat Saber. 128 GB storage. Though not amazing compared to years prior, this is the best deal we've seen since the Quest 2's price hike. 3rd party head straps and controller grips can greatly improve comfort.

What we like: A capable smart-home device if you want to use Google as your smart assistant. Loud and more bass-filled audio experience is on par with the Amazon Echo. Users can configure two of these speakers together as a stereo pair via the app or arrange them throughout the home to create a multiroom sound system.

What we like: Our runner-up pick for the best electric toothbrush. Inexpensive, but still offers a timer and long-lasting rechargeable battery. Effective but quiet cleaning. Pressure sensor.

Both JBL and Bose produce a range of speakers, some are small and compact whereas others are big enough to fill a room with sound at a party. Bose tends to make products th


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