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VirtualRig Studio Pro 2.2 (Mac OS X) ((HOT))


IK Multimedia is best known among guitarists for its AmpliTube modelling software. Its latest hardware interface has been designed with the needs of the guitar player in mind and is also small and powerful enough to create a studio, no matter what your location.

Furthermore, you also get access to 65 different Recording Chains that feature well-engineered combos of classic microphones and lots of other emulations of boutique studio gear, running through a Neve VXS72 soundboard console.

Custom-tuned overdrive/distortion circuits, a flexible six-band graphic equalizer, and a studio-grade VCA compressor optimize the bass signal before it hits the six-band equalizer makes for a much more sculpted bass tone.

The Kuassa Cerberus delivers on-point bass tones for your home studio. You start with three different options of preamps, a Valve one, which brings out a vintage-style tube-driven tone, a FET, which has a little more color to it, and finally, a Drive option, which has a super distorted tone, really fuzzy-like.

I had issues getting this to run on Sonar X3 (Windows 10 with 64-bit), but it worked no problem with the latest Cakewalk by Bandlab. My thoughts are straight-forward, with the accompanying demo speaking for itself (both sound samples and 'building' a classic rock tone). This 3-channel amp offers a lot of flexibility in tones and gain, from very clean to hi-gain (metal-based, but not necessarily modern metal, like running a Diezel or Dual Rectifier). Regardless, there's a lot of tweaking capabilities, and I really like the tight, fat and body controls. Those elements add a lot in terms of bringing a tone to life and sounding punchy. The dual cabs, which you can mix in different ratios, certainly takes away a lot of the guesswork, and you can load your own IRs if desired. There are enough presets to provide a solid working and playing foundation, and then you can create your own presets as desired or needed. As diverse as this plug-in is, it is more bare-bones, in that you don't get overdrives, fuzz pedals, a bunch of IRs, etc., but is meant to be a one-stop amp/cab solution for the average studio recording musician (developed by a musician and studio engineer), from general guitar player to composer. Those into having hundreds of presets, amps, cabs, etc., would need to look elsewhere (and invest more than the $49 USD price-tag of this plug-in). Overall, for the price, this is a very decent plug-in with a good sound and sufficient tweaking capabilities:

It is possible to set the console to request profile selection on start-up. This is useful in a studio environment where MagicQ can control any one of several studiosover Art-Net from a central control booth. When you start up the console you choose which studio to control.

Profiles have a similar effect to using LOAD SHOW + CONSOLE but with a simpler interface. We recommend to use LOAD SHOW + CONSOLE for general purpose moving between venues, and Profiles where multiple studios are controlled from one console. 1e1e36bf2d


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