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Echelon Conspiracy is a 2009 American action thriller film directed by Greg Marcks, from a screenplay by Michael Nitsberg and Kevin Alyn Elders. It stars Shane West, Edward Burns, Ving Rhames, Jonathan Pryce, Tamara Feldman, and Martin Sheen.

The film was theatrically released in the United States by After Dark Films on February 27, 2009, and was released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United States by Paramount Home Entertainment on July 21, 2009.[2]

Joe Leydon of Variety wrote that the film "plays an awful lot like a direct-to-vid knockoff of last year's Eagle Eye" and "ups the ante with additional pilfering from WarGames".[5]

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"The Wilby Conspiracy" is a strange film--there's no way around that. Now this isn't to say it's bad, but its unpredictability and very unusual plot left me feeling a bit bowled over by the whole thing.The first portion of the film looked a bit like a re-working of the Sidney Poitier-Tony Curtis film "The Defiant Ones" and according to IMDb, the studio played this up to the hilt. Portier has spent the last ten years as a political prisoner in a South African jail and has just received his release. As he and his lawyer and Michael Caine (who has no discernible reason for being there) leave the court, they are attacked by police and he and Caine beat the crap out of the two cops. Naturally, this is NOT going to make the rest of the police happy and the two men are now on the run. But it's not exactly like the earlier film--they are NOT handcuffed together and the don't hate each other.The film abruptly changes and moves into very strange territory. It then becomes a film all about the smuggling of diamonds to the rebels outside of South Africa. And, for much of the rest of the film there are plots, counter-plots and a lot of action near the end. It's all pretty interesting--just not what I'd expected. And while it is obviously an anti-Apartheid film, the message is a bit lost (at times) in the process. In other words, it's not as clearly anti-Apartheid as later films such as "A Dry White Season" or "Biko". This isn't a complaint--more just an observation about the overall tone of the film. I did enjoy it--it certainly was entertaining. My only complaint is that there were two sex scenes that seemed to have absolutely no reason for being there. I am not a prude--it just looked a bit sloppy and pointless. Still, with the rest of the film being rather strong, this can easily be overlooked.By the way, if you care, this is Rutger Hauer's first non-Dutch film.

According to the MIT Technology Review, it was also taken down from YouTube, but not before it collected millions of views as people took to Facebook to share the YouTube link of the 26-minute video. However, supporters of the film and its theories took to Twitter with claims that they were being unfairly censored, which led to #PlandemicDocumentary even trending on the social media platform.

A sort of Documentary on conspiracies. A nice idea that starts off pretty nice too. Obviously based or taken from all the found footage films around this tries to cash in to that too. But the guy who made the movie did his research. There are always events that make people wonder if there is more to it.This movie especially at first tries to handle those ideas as what they appear to be: Crazy talk. But of course then it evolves and things are not as clear as the appear to be. Or are they The movie will not give you clear answers to all the questions, which might be something you like or hate. It was interesting to watch and even with clichés and foreseeable results a well done movie overall.

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