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Where To Buy Oil Paint

Where To Buy Oil Paint >>>

IMPORTANT NOTEFine Paints of Europe sells paint systems. We do not sell individual products for use with primers from other manufacturers. Please make certain that you are using the correct Fine Paints of Europe primer specified for your coating.

When mildew is encountered, it must be removed thoroughly by washing with a mild bleach and TSP solution. It is imperative that all bleach residue be removed by rinsing with water. When painting metal surfaces, all corrosion and rust must be removed; prime with the appropriate FPE metal primer. When painting wooden surfaces, knots must be sealed with shellac to prevent bleeding before priming.

TIP: KIDDIE POOLS FOR ADULTSOne of the few disadvantages of working with great brilliant enamels like Hollandlac and ECO is that pigments in both of these coatings are extremely finely ground, very much like automobile paints and therefore these paints tend to reveal airborne contamination (the type of dust particles that float in the air of even the cleanest homes) to a much greater degree than coarsely ground, lower quality coatings. Interesting to discover a marketing advantage offered by low quality coatings which is not yet being extolled by the big boxes!

The use of a fan during this air-cleansing period is recommended as it is the circulation of air over water which effectively cleanses the air. The fan and heat/air conditioning system should be shut off immediately before beginning application of coatings and kept off for two hours after completion of paint application in order to prevent air movement before the paint sets up. (Exhaust fans required when working with solventborne coatings should not be shut off.)

Unpainted surfaces and those previously painted with waterborne finishes: After surface preparation, apply one coat appropriate FPE Primer/Undercoat, use FPE or ECO Primer for wood, Primer AC for ferrous metal, Key Primer for non-ferrous metals and plastics. Primer coat should be sanded with 220 grit paper and tacked clean before receiving two thin, even coats of HOLLANDLAC Brilliant 98. Allow each coat to dry overnight. For added durability, apply two primer coats before painting or a third finish coat.

On surfaces previously painted with oil-based paint: Surfaces painted with an oil finish, which are sound and do not need significant preparation, may be painted without priming. Apply HOLLANDLAC Brilliant 98 following a light sanding and thorough cleaning to remove dust and foreign material. Painted surfaces that do require heavy sanding or scraping should be cleaned and then treated with FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat. Then apply two thin coats of HOLLANDLAC Brilliant 98.

As a beginner it can be very difficult to understand the terminology regarding oil paint colors, and you can easily get confused with the variety of available tube colors. This guide will help you choose a simple palette of oil paints for beginners, to take away the stress and help you get started on your first painting project. We also have suggestions for a smaller palette of colors if you want to see if oil painting is for you.

The first term you have to understand when you are purchasing oil paint colors as a beginner artist, is pigment. It is the pigments in the paint that gives the paint its color. Traditionally they were usually made from minerals or plants. Now many modern chemicals are used.

Paints can be made from just one pigment, or more often, from two or three different pigments. This can make choosing your palette even more confusing. Manufacturers usually give you the names of the pigments in their oil paint on their website. This is useful when you get more experienced and want to extend your painting palette. When choosing oil paints for beginners it is better to select those with a single pigment so that you can better understand how each pigment behaves..

The pigment is a physical property of oil paints, but each tube color also has a unique combination of three other properties: hue, satur


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