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Saw 6 Movie Download ((HOT)) Utorrent

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Sorry to say, but there are many selfish and mean people.. So this might cause slow/no downloading. Also you might have no connected peers to get files from. You can check this: uTorrent shows 2 numbers for seeds/peers, for example 5(46) which means there are 46 seeds/peers, but only 5 are connected (and can upload files to you).

I currently have only 1 download taking place, it's an old 1978 TV miniseries called Holocaust. I show 7(11) seeds and 2(13) peers. Under the "General" tab, it shows 7 of 11 connected but only 2 in swarm. Do I have to change a settings Do I or can I add more swarms I started this download on Feb. 17 (2012) @ 4:51 PM. It's now the Feb. 20 and it's at 74%. My seed ratio is set to 2.0 and this specific download is now at 0.799.

Once the ratio has been reached (seeding lists as complete) on any given download, the specific file(s) I need get(s) copied and relocated and all contents are then removed from uTorrent. Do I need to increase my ration to 3.0 Some files, after a couple of weeks, if inactive, get removed even if the ratio has not been reach. I very very limited resources and lack the storage to keep every file for more then a month. Though I do get movies and books, I mostly download TV episodes that get deleted after I watch them and the ration is met.

The site focuses on movie releases which are popular around the globe. YTS has been the target of three lawsuits in the US recently. While the operator signed a consent judgment to pay damages to one filmmaker, the site itself remains online.

Fitgirl Repacks is by no means a traditional torrent site. It is the home of a popular group that releases slimmed down cracked versions of popular games, which keeps download times to a minimum. They publish torrents on other sites but also offer magnet links of their own, which is why we included the site here.

I'm completely new to this so any info that anyone can provide would be very much appreciated. My download says it's still seeding and has been for rouhgly 57 minutes. "Remaining" shows oo. Any idea why

I'm assuming you left your utorrent with the default settings. This means that the torrent will not be officially "finished" until it has a ratio 1.5, meaning you have seeded all you have download, plus 50%.

please i downloaded a download (chessmaster vi Grandmaster editoin) 3.58gb size.completed it it was in a rar fomat and i unziped it using i got into the folder and saw the downloaded file as .MDF file.

Also, to your question about how long seeding should take, it actually varies between different torrents. There is no truly definite time that every seeding torrent must follow. So... just wait till the ratio's 1.5 and I think that'll be it. As debigG rightfully says, it is good to give back to the community! And, if I'm not wrong, the download speed will increase too! Technorabbit :-)

Im also new to the entire scene, but its been downloading overnight and i dont know how long it been downloading but it says seeding 0 of 369(170 in swarm) and peers 15 of 160 (50 in sawrm) i have no idea what this means or how long its going to take.

am completely new to all this torrent thing and i would want to know if the torrent ''quality'' can and have an effect on the performance of the torrent i have downloaded and if its possible that as a result the torrent is installing but will not run because i have not installed direct x, when i fact i have direct x 11 on my system , help is what i desire

Chichi-9 - uTorrent is a data file mover. And that is all. What you download may or may not affect the performance of your computer - when you install it. It may or may not be valid software. It may or may not have a virus. That is the chance you take when you download copyright software, etc. and put it on your computer. There is NO way for anyone here to guess what will happen to your computer when you install software downloaded from the web. There is no way (unless someone here has already installed


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