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Good Newwz (2019)

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Good Newwz (2019)

A sex comedy that amuses intermittently, Good Newwz ultimately fails as a film due to some severely outdated messages and wholly unlikable characters. The film is overlong and weirdly is regressive in so many manners. This would be somewhat forgivable if it committed to being a comedy, but instead it spends most of its second half pontificating on the nature of offspring and being parents to the point where it genuinely feels like a preachy slog. All four of the main characters are horrible people with little redeeming qualities; the one with the smallest role gets better near the end, but considering she gets easily the least amount of focus, it's not enough to gain sympathy. Good Newwz might have funny moments, but as a whole, it's an obnoxious film with very little to like. Not good at all.

Good Newwz box office collection: Akshay Kumar starrer film Good Newwz has actually brought some real good news for the actor as he set a new box office record. The 52-year old actor had cumulatively earned nearly Rs 720 crore in India last year. 59ce067264


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