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Astm C618 Pdf Free Download


Astm C618 Pdf Free Download

the loi results vary among suppliers in the same source area and region in different years. there are several reasons that the loi test values may vary, such as the source and combustion process, type and particle size of the raw materials, air flow rate, and the specific test location and test method. the supplier results reported here are typical, and provide an indication of the range of loi values for a particular source of fly ash. this range is wider when calculating the loi-em value, since loi and loi-em are strongly correlated.

astm c318 was developed in the 1950s to cover a wide range of end-use applications for fly ash, with emphasis on industrial and construction applications. this paper highlights several limitations of astm c618 regarding loi, sai, and moisture content. for example, while measuring loi is important for fly ash, an loi value that is too high or too low will adversely affect the design of concrete mixes.

astm c618 is used as the primary requirement to determine the use of scms such as fly ash for cement or concrete. given the significant advances in the science of fly ash, it is not surprising that the loi value is not a perfect indicator of the properties of fly ash. (77, 78)

a second approach to improving uniformity in astm c618 is the addition of a quality control or monitoring component for fly ash. although astm c311 specified precise quantitative criteria for measuring fly ash content, the testing frequency (once per week) is below that required to monitor concrete performance. (8) in addition, existing documentation is not sufficient to demonstrate concrete performance variation. (9) determining source location and time of the sample would enable a quality control test program to be developed that can assess performance and reactivity of the fly ash and use the data in concrete mix designs. 3d9ccd7d82


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