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Best Place To Buy Colored Contacts Online


No. You always need an updated, valid prescription to order contacts online because they are classified as medical devices by the FDA. In general, the recommendation is to have your prescription updated every year or two.

Brown is the most common natural eye color. Even so, some like to enhance their brown eye look with the help of colored contact lenses. And we have some beautiful brown options! For a warm, sweet brown, take a look at the EyeCandys Libre Beige contacts, which provide a larger eye look. To add a bright shimmer to your eyes, try on a pair of EyeCandys Pink Label Attitude Brown contact lenses. Pink Label Shade Brown lenses offer a toffee brightness that really help your eyes pop - in any makeup look. And our Pink Label Aida Brown lenses feature rich, chocolate tones that accent your own.

Eyecandys is a long-term online retailer of colored contact lenses, and carries an extensive range of high-quality lenses in various colors and styles. Since their launch in 2008, they have sold over 1 million pairs of contact lenses and served over 120,000 happy customers. Apart from their growing online community, they have also been a trusted partner of several opticians and physical optical businesses for years. The retailer is committed to providing its customers with exemplary service, and currently offers 24-hour shipping and a 30-day guarantee for several brands that they carry.

Contact lenses have been used in the cosplay community for years and have been increasing in popularity every year. Many stores online have now been selling contact lenses specifically to the cosplay community. Some have even made contacts for a particular character to match from their show/movie. Here are 5 of the best cosplay contact stores to order from for your next cosplay.

Honey Color has been increasing in popularity recently with their various lines of contacts.They have lots of different natural-looking contacts as well as an entire section specifically for cosplay. Jennifer Chang on YouTube has several reviews of their contacts, and shows how their lighter blue and green lenses can still be seen on darker-colored eyes.

Yes. Contacts can also be made without vision correction and used simply as a cosmetic device to modify your eye color. Without a prescription, colored contacts may also be called decorative or costume contacts.

There are several brands of colored contacts on the market, but only the highest quality products landed on our list of top picks. After carefully researching over 10 popular types, we settled on five that met our standards.

Actually this is the best toric lenses that I tried, it is more comfortable than my other brand's non-colored lenses. I have dark brown eyes, so it is not very bright green on me. However, it covers my eyes beautifully and it looks like I have naturally big dark green/hazel eyes. I am in love with them.

Color contact lenses are most often used as a beauty product. Colored contacts, naturally, change the color of your eyes. Depending on the style and color of the lens, the change can be subtle or dramatic. We offer many types of colored lenses for all of your beauty needs: from everyday wear to cosplay and beyond! Fun fact: most types of cosmetic contacts can also be specially ordered with a variety of prescriptions. Why wear boring, plain contacts when you can try on a new color with your next pair of lenses

Absolutely! Just follow the care instructions and use common sense to ensure safe, healthy usage of your colored eye lenses. We recommend consulting your optometrist to ensure a prescription isn't needed for your contacts, make sure they're suitable for your eyes, and ensure correct sizing and fit. Limit usage to the recommended number of hours per day and be sure to discard when expired. Different products have different life spans, so be sure to check that when ordering and when using.

If you're looking for the perfect lenses for hazel eyes, which are also a darker eye color, look


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