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IMMO compared Saplings onboarding with the others and decided Sapling was the best fit for IMMO. Luke has been involved in a Sapling project for the last two years and was very impressed with the quality and support Sapling offers. He built a VM on Sapling and conducted a few user interviews which confirmed his initial findings. Moreover, Saplings approach to support their customers, by only offering bespoke tailored services and not selling a fixed offering is exactly what Luke and IMMO were looking for. In the end Luke said, It was really easy and fast to onboard his team with Sapling. I have no qualms using this as my own use case. He also was impressed with how Saplings support team members got and keep up to date on the features and improvements to Sapling. It enabled him to give his team heads up on upcoming features. He said, I really enjoy the Saplings superior onboarding experience. In the future I will look to use Saplings onboarding and help my team onboard other Sapling clients.

In addition to IMMOs priorities Sapling applied and secured his team with custom campaigns, customized goals and goals for each team member. Luke found out Saplings engagement campaign emails were fresh and give him a good head start on his quarterly cycles. Luke also loved the desktop widgets Sapling offered to include in his terminal and he loves having Sapling onboarding videos available for his team members to download and watch before their first day. He was impressed to find that Saplings live chat was also helpful. IMMOs success rate in onboarding dropped over the last few months and Saplings support enabled IMMO to bring that down. 3d9ccd7d82


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