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Tomorrowland Dual Audio

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i've experienced a lot of brad bird's work, including 'the incredibles' and 'ratatouille,' and i'm a firm believer that the director is one of the best in hollywood. he has a knack for telling a story that's entertaining and that has heart, as well as a penchant for visual excellence. that's not to say that i don't have my reservations about a movie like 'tomorrowland.' while it's got its flaws, the real problem here is the weak script. bird is really good at taking an interesting premise and crafting a visual spectacle from it. on the other hand, i've had some bad (or at least mediocre) experiences with the'script' (or lack thereof) in other movies. i'm hoping that the storytelling is better in 'tomorrowland' than it is here. the plot simply moves too slowly for my tastes in this case, and the story itself isn't that engaging. that said, i'm a big fan of the cast, who all give excellent performances. i'm also happy that i was able to see 'tomorrowland' in theaters, as it looks and sounds great there.

i've seen the movie 'tomorrowland' in theaters, and i have to say that i enjoyed it greatly. director brad bird is pretty great at the action sequences, and he adds some nice touches to this movie. the only downside was the weak script, which makes the characters so dull. the rest of the story is quite well put together, though, and it's a film that i can highly recommend for those who like 'avatar.'

there's a story to the movie 'tomorrowland' that, for all intents and purposes, doesn't go anywhere. damon lindelof (co-creator of the tv series 'lost') does a great job of crafting a visual spectacle from it. the script is a bit too simplified, but i was able to look past this for the most part. the movie is a bit confusing to begin with, but it's a fun, fast-paced ride. for me, it's a movie that's worth checking out. 3d9ccd7d82


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