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Jagged Alliance Rage Update 3-CODEX

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Jagged Alliance Rage Update 3-CODEX

one of the things i really liked was the dialogue options. when making an ally, its no longer the pc making the decisions, its you selecting the options. you can also choose from a wide range of male and female characters. switching their dialogue is easy, as is choosing your character.

theres also the ability to customize your own weapons and gear, a useful feature when the game just feels old fashioned. my only real beef with this aspect of the game would be the fact that it isnt very interactive or accessible, so you arent doing anything to impress it. it was hard to miss that this was an early build, because the hand drawn areas felt like a small area in the larger game.

probably the best feature of this game is the faction system. each faction has its own history and story, and you can choose to ignore or go on the offensive against them. you can also join a faction or remain independent. theres a very different approach to this, with your choices changing the course of the game. once you start playing, youll see a real difference in the way the game plays and the character of the characters you play.

one of the things i found odd when i got to hand it over to my brother is that the save system. it doesnt save per mission, but it will save all the time. you can still save before, during and after missions, and there are three different categories. theres one for missions, one for the side views, and one for the tactical map. at the moment this system works, but it could easily go wrong with the amount of people you have on your team.

obviously, it would be good if the game offers more than one way to play. for example, in jagged alliance 2 you could pick one of the multiple characters and play through the single mission. in jagged alliance 3, this isnt the case. youll be taking on multiple mercenary missions as part of your rts capabilities in the tactical map. if one of your team dies, thats it, game over. 3d9ccd7d82


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