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Samurai Western


Samurai Western

Samurai Western is an action-adventure video game, made by Acquire games company, released for the PlayStation 2 in 2005. The player assumes the role of a samurai named Gojiro Kiryu, who travels to the Wild West in search of his brother, Rando.

In a single-player game, the player takes control of Gojiro the samurai and utilizes various types of swords to defeat enemies. There are dozens of swords available in the game, which allow you to fight with five different sword styles. The basic maneuvers of each sword are similar, consisting of a quick combo, powerful charge move and aerial attack. However, each sword style offers unique abilities. In addition to the abilities given by each style, Gojiro also has the innate ability to dodge bullets, and even uses his sword to deflect them. By defeating enemies Gojiro can fill a meter which, when full, allows him to enter Master Mode. Once activated, Master Mode greatly increases Gojiro's abilities, allowing him to dispatch enemies in a single blow.

The game takes place in America in the 1800s, in the area known as the Wild West. Gojiro Kiryu, a samurai, has arrived from Japan to find and kill his brother, Rando, who came to the United States some time before. Upon his arrival, he finds the region under the tyrannical rule of a local Tycoon named Goldberg, whose hired thugs have left the nearby settlements virtual ghost towns. Although initially uninterested in these happenings, Gojiro is nonetheless drawn into conflict with Goldberg's forces as his warrior's code demands that he do the right thing and help the people being hurt by the tycoon. After learning of a connection between Goldberg and his missing brother, a final confrontation lingers.

The name Samurai Western immediately conjures an image of a traditional samurai warrior making his somber way through the land of stagecoaches and saloons, and that's pretty much how the game is set up. Gojiro Kiryuu is unceremoniously plunked down in the middle of a Western town, is beset by outlaws, and starts stabbing. As the game progresses, it evolves that he has come to the United States to chase his older brother, who put aside the samurai way to take up firearms under the service of a wealthy, oppressive landowner named Goldberg. You'll fight your way through 15 stages of Goldberg's inexhaustible supply of minions in order to reach said sibling and a showdown with the bristly mustached bad man himself. The story isn't particularly motivating and has a habit of throwing in random enemy characters who have no bearing on anything besides rasping nonsense terms or giggling briefly at Gojiro before he slashes them to pieces. The narrative is bland and predictable, so that leaves the action as the game's sole possible salvation.

The Samurai are like the Japanese counterpart of Knights; proud, heavily trained warriors that dedicated themselves to a master (unless they're Rōnin), wield fancy steel swords, and generally keep the peace. The Western Samurai are samurai of non-Japanese heritage, black or white and even those of other Asian countries like Chinese and Korean, if they wield a katana or wear the armor (and are not Japanese), then they are worthy of the prestige and title of the Samurai.

Compare and contrast McNinja, another Japanese warrior class (and rivals of the samurai) that also are made by non-Japanese people. Super-Trope to Samurai Cowboy (a cowboy that is mixed with samurai traits, being in weapons as well ideology) and Street Samurai (a samurai in a Cyberpunk/futuristic setting). Sub-Trope of Black Vikings. See also Everything's Better with Samurai, where the samurai thing is only for the Rule of Cool than just being a real samurai.

Anime & Manga The eponymous protagonist from Afro Samurai is a black samurai with considerable skills in a Schizo Tech version of feudal Japan. Berserk: A curious inversion with Azan, a European-style knight in plate armor who acts like a samurai without any direct referenc


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