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Circles Bob - Frozen


Circles Bob - Frozen

Burning circles through membraneTop the beat, shift gears, switch lanes on itI haven't seen ya in a minute but the hands of timeshow me it's some good thangs for yaLike a A list stylerity, ain't gotta see IDCause nowadays she's the life of the partyGlamorous and glossy, taking all those in the VIP

The influence of expeditions on 1960s fashion photography was celebrated brilliantly in the pages of leading magazines throughout the decade. This phenomenon is understandable, as the rise of youth styles and the deterioration of established fashion codes allowed photographers to experiment far beyond their studios. Magazine editors occasionally styled models in actual space suits and diving equipment. They also clad their models in outrageous fashions while diving in the ocean or standing on the frozen tundra.

My first kitchen memories are of baking hamantaschen with my sisters. All nine of us would gather around the table and cut out circles of pastry dough, stuff them with jam and then shape them into triangles, eagerly waiting until we could bite into them. 59ce067264


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