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The alarm clock buzzes. Keanu Reeves wakes up fully dressed in a striped shirt, raises his gun and rolls out of bed. He puts his piece on the bathroom sink, next to his toothbrush, and takes a good long look at himself in the mirror. Then he pukes in the toilet. He climbs into the car and heads down the freeway as a glowing orange orb shimmers behind the skyscrapers of Los Angeles. Only the sun isn't rising. It's setting.

Hello NicoletteI too am working on your mitred square blanket and today knitted the last square. In Queensland Australia we too stay at home and only go out when necessary and for exercise. That started in late March and I stared sewing up the square blanket then. I was at a loss as to how to knit another till your last newsletter, the striped blanket is just perfect and is my next project. Thanks Rosemary

Hi Nicolette,I enjoy reading your post ,thanks for letting us be part of your world You and i have so much in common i too have been trying to finish my many started projets , working in my garden , baking bread and cakes etc. thanks for sharing the striped Blanket with the sockyarn , its a good Idea, i will make one also ,sinse i got alot of sockyarn leftover and wasnt sure what to do with it , thanksstay safeAndrea

Thank you so much for your reflections and sharing your feelings. It has been very comforting I have been working on your mitred blanket but am intrigued by your striped blanket . Do you have the pattern Please keep up your lovely posts as they are a joy.

Paula Beer sitting as a guy puts his arms around her, kissing her and grabbing her breasts through her striped low-cut top. She then stands up, pokey nipples in view before the guy opens up her top to expose her breasts. She and the guy then undress quickly and she ends up against the wall having sex with him, her skirt hiked up around her waist. From Werk ohne Autor.

Lilly Goldner (née Josefovitz), born in 1926 in Újfehértó, Hungary, discusses her Hasidic town and school; growing up in a happy family; being the eighth child of 16 children; the religious inspiration behind her father purchasing the family store; Passover; her family making kosher wine; being 16 years old and hearing that Czechoslovakian Jews were expelled and the disbelief of the town to this news; the order for all the Jews of Újfehértó to stay home; their expulsion and her family's anguish as they were herded into horse-driven buggies; her memories of her best friend, who was a non-Jew, crying as they left; the separation of the women and the men; never seeing her father again; doing forced labor in a tobacco drying barn in Simapuszta, Hungary (a small area in Békés County); doing forced labor in Nyírbátor, Hungary for six weeks; protecting her mother; surviving on bread and potatoes; being transported for two-days by cattle car to Auschwitz; the hostility she endured while assisting her grandmother off the train; seeing men in striped suits; her intitial experiences in the camp, including having her hair cut, being given soap, showering, and dressing in a simple dress; the miserable barracks conditions; how when the women slept they all had to turn at same time; finding Dr. Josef Mengele handsome but seeing him take all of the twins; witnessing pregnant women giving birth and seeing their babies taken away; seeing her 29 year old sister and two year old nephew being taken away and never seeing them again; being taken with 300 other girls to the crematory naked, and then returning to the barracks; being transported to the Weisswasser factory; the conditions in the barracks, including the cold showers; the limited conversation with other inmates, but having a Hanukkah observance; the dangerous forced labor conditions, making glass radio bulbs; having two meals a day, including breakfast (piece of bread and coffee) and soup for lunch; the punishment for stealing potatoes; experiencing a five day "death walk" and stealing bread from pig feed to survive; witnessing assaults by Irma Grese; the infrequent kindness from another woman guard who allowed the singing of Jewish melodies; being transport to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp (Celle, Germany); the deaths of half the prisoners; finding two of her cousins alive; stealing potato peels for oldest cousin, who was too weak to walk; feeling optimistic when she heard bombings; witnessing gratuitous shootings after liberation; the British troops' well-intended delivery of beans to the emaciated, which caused the deaths of some of the inmates; her husband's experience seeing General Eisenhower in a camp and hearing him say, "You are free"; reuniting with two of her brothers; rebuilding her life; getting married and immigrating to the United States; her visit back to Hungary; and her closing message to her grandchildren. 59ce067264


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