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Alteryx Server Installation And Configuration G...

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NOTE: Your system configuration may differ from what's used in the sample above (e.g., Homebrew on MacOS). If so, see the Node installation documentation for package managers or download a Node installer for your operating system directly from the Node downloads page.

Tableau Cloud servers are typically upgraded when a new major version of Tableau is released. When publishing workbooks and data sources to Tableau Cloud, the Tableau Cloud version will be the same or later than Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder, as a result, compatibility issues are mitigated. However, consider compatibility with installations of Tableau Bridge and existing scripts or processes that use the Tableau command-line utilities, such as tabcmd and the Tableau data extract utility.

If the 405 Method Not Allowed problem persists, take a look at your server configuration files. This error indicates that the server configuration does not allow users to access a particular Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

Check your server software to see if there are any unintentional redirects or request handling instructions. To access your configuration files, determine which server software your website uses. The two most popular ones are Apache and NGINX. 59ce067264


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