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Certificates and Training

  • Masgutova Method (MNRI) Core Specialist (Instructor in-training)

  • Movement Lesson Practitioner

  • Anat Baniel Nerumovement (ABMN) Practitioner

  • ABMN for Children Practitioner

  • ABMN for Vitality and Anti-Aging, and High Performers

  • NDT/C Neuro-Developmental Treatment Certified Therapist

  • Post graduate 6 month training in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Method (PNF)

  • Kinesio Taping (light elastic tape to facilitate functional reeducation)

  • Manual Therapies of Strain/Counter Strain and Myofascial Release

  • Trained in the use of the Universal Exercise Unit (UEU)

Magdalena Gorecka, M.S., PT

Anat Baniel Neuromovement Practitioner, Masgutova Method Core Specialist,

Movement Lesson Practitioner

and NDT Certified Physical Therapist

Magdalena is the owner and creator of the Movement Horizons Therapy Clinic.  For Magdalena, helping others through movement and touch is not only a career; it's her life’s passion.  She considers it an honor to work with people with disabilities and she deeply believes that every person deserves support and care independent of their age and diagnosis.  Human potential can always be awakened, it is never too late to start the process of positive changes and facilitate ongoing development and growth.

Magdalena is a Board Certified Physical Therapist who graduated in 2001 with her Masters degree in Physical Therapy from the Academy of Physical Education in Poland with additional certifications in Sports Medicine. Her professional education provided deep understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of the human body as well as understanding of therapeutic applications in a broad spectrum of dysfunctions.

Her extensive post graduate studies and clinical experience allowed her to reach level of expertise needed to effectively support and treat the  most complex cases for both children and adults with special needs.

For close to two decades, working in both Europe and the United States, Magdalena has been dedicated to supporting and treating the physical and emotional needs of both children and adults. She has successfully helped her patients with various conditions to reach their potential.

Magdalena dedicates her private practice to working with children with challenges. She has experience in management and treatment of various diagnoses including: neuro-motor deficits, cerebral palsy, hypotonia, hypertonia, early intervention for children at risk of developmental delay (e.g. prematurity or traumatic birth), autism spectrum disorder, ADD/ADHD, sensory processing disorders, stroke, genetic disorders, developmental delays, brachial plexus injury, torticollis, scoliosis, motor-coordination issue, rare genetic disorders and other more common orthopedic impairments.

She uses an individual and holistic approach of movement therapy as an essential part of the support and treatment of a child. She is providing direct intervention, consultation, parents, caregivers and professionals training. Believing that there is always more to be discovered about the complexity of human brain and body Magdalena has been dedicated to studying newest research findings regarding brain plasticity and new applications to facilitate that incredible process of positive change and development for all of her clients. She continues expanding her therapeutic toolkit understanding and knowledge by ongoing studies of additional methods and techniques facilitating neuroplasticity of the nervous system allowing to reach to the source of dysfunction and to treat the cause rather then the symptom. 

Magdalena's experience has been enriched by years of private practice based in San Francisco- The Bay Area along with working as a Director of Movement Education at The Avalon Academy (2007-2020), a model school for children with movement disorders located in Burlingame, California [Please visit the Avalon Academy at].  As part of a wonderful team and leader of movement education program she was providing direct physical therapy services for Avalon's students, educating parents, caregivers and fellow teaching team.

Currently Magda is working within her private practice based in Torrance, CA  and supports growth of a local non public school The Gray Academy located in Santa Monica, CA by providing direct therapy to the students of this amazing school.

Cynthia Heryanto, M.S., CCC-SLP

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Specialist 

Cynthia Heryanto, M.S. CCC-SLP is a licensed and certified speech language pathologist through the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and the state of California.  She specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children and adults with complex communication needs related to a variety of diagnoses including cerebral palsy, autism, Rett syndrome, Down syndrome, childhood apraxia of speech, Angelman syndrome, various rare genetic disorders, and ALS.


Cynthia has been working with children and adults with developmental disabilities for the past 20 years.  As a teenager, she began working at summer camps for children and young adults with developmental disabilities where she developed a love and immense respect for all of the campers and families she encountered.  It was here that she began to learn the power of communication and the often unlocked or hidden potential of many people with complex communication needs that often doesn’t become apparent until forming a bond through joy, fun, and mutual respect.


In 2007, Cynthia went on to earn a B.S. in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology from Ithaca College, and a M.S. in Communication Disorders from San Francisco State University in 2009.  Since then she worked as an SLP at the Avalon Academy (, an innovative school for children with multiple disabilities and complex communication needs.  She then broadened her scope over several years by working in public school, a multi-disciplinary clinic for children with neurological disorders providing intensive services, and for the last several years as an AAC consultant throughout Southern California working with pediatric and adult clients in clinics, hospitals, schools, early intervention centers, and in the home.


Through all of these work experiences, Cynthia honed her specialized skills in evaluating, gaining funding for, developing/setting up, and implementing ongoing training for clients benefiting from the use of AAC systems and associated assistive technology.  She has extensive experience with eye tracking, head pointing, and switch access technology on all high-tech communication devices, partner assisted scanning, and numerous AAC iPad apps and programs.


She has a special passion for working with young children in early intervention settings to get them communicating and acquiring language as early as possible so they have a plan and path forward before entering the school system.


Cynthia has taught workshops and given presentations to hundreds of SLPs and families on a variety of topics related to AAC throughout the state and internationally.  This includes providing  in-services on AAC and assistive technology to staff SLPs at Kaiser Permanente locations throughout Southern California, numerous public schools, private therapy clinics, and California Children’s Services (CCS) therapists.


In addition to solely focusing on AAC when working with children, Cynthia is PROMPT Bridging (Level 2) trained.  The ultimate goal for all clients is to develop verbal speech.  Cynthia uses the PROMPT techniques when applicable to the treatment plan to help maximize development of verbal speech function alongside the use of AAC.

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Certificates and Training

  • Extensive training in Language Acquisition Through Motor Planning (LAMP) therapy approach

  • PROMPT Bridging (Level 2) Trained

  • Certificate from "Collaborative AAC Services in Early Intervention" Endorsement Program

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