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"Magda is the best thing that has happened for our daughter, Malia!"

Magda has been working with her for 3+ years now… As a parent of a special needs child I put great effort into picking someone that is not only skilled in what they do, but also has a true heart for these children and a genuine, fun personality.  Magda has all of that and then some!  For her, it's always about the child, never about her ego.  Magda loves these children and she loves her work.  She is always open to whatever method may help the child and she's willing to look into other methods that are out there.

Another character trait that I love about Magda is that she is not lazy... she takes her time with Malia seriously and she really works with her during that time and she makes it enjoyable.  My husband and I have occasionally talked about moving from the Bay Area, but we always come back to saying  - "we have to stay because we can't lose Magda"...  She's definitely one of a kind! 

    - Donna S.

"Truly amazing! After discovering Masgutova Method and Magda, our son has made more progress in just a few months time than he had in 5-6 years prior to that! Magda's patience, motivation and ability to bond with our son has been remarkable. "

Like many other parents of children with autism, intellectual disabilities, or brain injuries, we didn’t feel that all those numerous therapies helped our child much. In contrary, we often felt that all those therapies held our child back & made his condition worse. After dealing with slow progress and ineffective therapies for several years, we made an unexpected discovery. We found out about Masgutova Method and we found "our" Magda. From the first session with Magda, we knew that we are on the right path & that this was the right therapy for our child. Magda's patience, motivation and ability to bond with our son has been remarkable, as evidenced by significant cognitive/behavioral/overall improvements. Truly amazing! After discovering Masgutova Method and Magda, our son has made more progress in just a few months time than he had in 5-6 years prior to that! We are pleasantly surprised with the results so far. We will definitely continue with this therapy in years to come. As Magda likes to say, “sky is the limit” for our kids and we strongly believe her words. We are truly blessed for discovering this therapy and Magda. Therefore, we sincerely recommend Magda to all the parents of kids on the spectrum and encourage them to start the Masgutova Method-based therapy early on. 

- Danijela C

" So grateful to be able to experience ABM Neuromovement with Magda "



It has been an incredible experience to work with Magda. Being a mom of a special needs child I tend to not put my needs first. Magda has been working with my daughter for few months when I arrived with her to the session and first thing that Magda said that day was " today, Mom needs to be on the table first, we need to help her". It was the day when my back, neck and seems like half of my body were in pain and discomfort from lifting and transfers. Magda noticed my body  being stiff and guarded and simply scooped me to be on her table before my daughter's session.  I need to say it was something I have never expected not experienced before. Gentle, slow movements , along with some explanation of what we are doing and what I am supposed to pay attention to worked like PURE MAGIC!  I got off the table after about 20 minutes and my pain was simply gone! my muscles were soft and relaxed and I was smiling ear to ear! I am so grateful for being able to experience ABM Neuromovement session with Magda! Now I can also appreciate more what my daughter feels and experiences when she is participating in her sessions. It's truly incredible! I wish all of us parents could receive a session like that for our own benefit and to learn the power of this approach.


 - Michelle B 

"My daughter made incredible progress once she started working with Magda!"

Things that I thought couldn't be accomplished in a lifetime are now within reach.  Magda's gentle approach has worked wonders with my daughter. We've seen great advancements in her gross motor skills and her behavior. The overall impact is a better life for both my daughter and for our entire family.

 - Kelly S.


"Our son really enjoys his therapy sessions with Magda"

We started working with Magda Gorecka because we wanted to try the ABM therapy method for our toddler with low muscle tone and developmental delays. We then learned she was trained in the Masgutova method as well. She worked really well with our son who is very anxious around new people. She was very entertaining, funny, and sweet with him while gently guiding him through movements. I really appreciate her hands-on approach and the way she blends various methods in the therapy sessions.

The body awareness our son seemed to experience was very uplifting and hopeful. I strongly recommend a trial with Magda for a first hand experience of her expertise!

    - Jasmin G.

”The change was huge!”

The pandemic and shelter in place order shattered our life last year. Being a mom of a child with special needs became even more difficult. After the initial disarray and feeling overwhelmed we reached out to Magda. Her “zoom” therapy has been recommended to me by another mom. I didn’t have high expectations to what we can do in virtual therapy. And to my surprise the sessions were amazing! Magda is a very experienced and gifted therapist. She was able to teach me so much in every single session. My child started to be able to sit up better and a started to use his vision better! The change was huge!

- Briana

Wonderful experience with our week of intensive sessions

After looking for a log time for someone who can offer more than just traditional approach to treatment of autism we found Movement Horizons and Magda. From the very first visit I could see that Magda has special gift of connecting with and believing in my son's potential. After just few sessions in our intensive week, my son started to come to the table and in his way without having spoken language asking for more therapy! It was truly incredible to watch how he trusted and allowed for touch and movement of his body. During our intensive week, Magda also gave me instructions for our home program so we can continue supporting our son in this journey to inner peace and regulation. 

- Magda J

Virtual therapy with guidance from Magda done by a parent/caregiver

"The time my son and I "work" with Magda is our favorite part of the day. As a parent I want the best for my child and I can't imagine a better experience than working with and having PT for my son virtually- Zooming- with Magda. She is engaging and easy to work with. She breaks things down and builds them back up in new and interesting ways. She is skilled at instructing me while engaging my son where all things tried are successful- even things that don't work we learn from. An hour flies by quickly. Magda has been a highlight of our virtual learning program."

- Becky

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